CRFG - Santa Clara Valley Chapter

Welcome to the Santa Clara Valley Chapter!

Located in the heart of the Silicon valley, the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers is dedicated to growing and sharing delicious, rare, and historic fruit from the Valley of the Hearts Delight and beyond.

“Silicon Valley” used to be known as “The Valley of the Heart’s Delight”, and was a major fruit producing area with deep, rich soil. We strive to maintain a bit of that history, diversity, and tradition through preservation of old varieties, and commercially unavailable varieties of some common types of fruit.
In our meetings we have presentations on a wide variety of topics. We strive to share our experience and knowledge, always welcoming new input. Members range from those having two trees in the back yard, to local commercial growers, and all have something to add to the conversation.
CRFG members enjoy pushing the boundaries of what can be grown in our region, testing out less common types of fruits of nuts from other areas. We might try macadamia, mango, and banana. The diversity of our population in “Silicon Valley” helps with our explorations.
Meet Great People
Fruit growers tend to be an enthusiastic and curious group of individuals, but with dirty fingernails! We welcome like-minded people who are excited about growing fruit and connecting with others in order to share questions and knowledge.
Family Activities
Children are generally welcome at our meetings, scion exchanges, and events. We want to excite the next generation of enthusiasts, and the sweet taste of fruit is a good way to do that! Getting fingernails dirty together is a great family experience.
Community Service
We help to maintain two orchards at Emma Prusch Farm Park. Both serve as a source of learning (and food) for the local community, and provide wood for our scion exchanges. We also provide an annual scholarship to the Foothill College program in Horticulture.
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